Patient and Caregiver Guidelines

• Carry Medical Marijuana Program (MMP) Card and State ID at all times
• Keep Medical Marijuana (MMJ) in original, labeled packaging
• Keep MMJ in residence and only transport minimal amount in labeled packaging when necessary
• MMJ shall not be shared nor re-distributed
• Possession of paraphernalia is permitted when used for the purpose of consuming MMJ
• Growing, cultivating, or possessing a marijuana plant is prohibited
• Marijuana may not be acquired from a source other than an NJ Alternative Treatment Center (ATC)
• Motorized vehicles (including aircrafts, railroad trains, stationary heavy equipment or vessels) may not be operated while patient is under the influence of MMJ
• A patient is encouraged to use MMJ in their residence
• MMJ may not be taken across state lines
• Unwanted MMJ shall be disposed of by bringing it back to an ATC
• Patients are not allowed to consume MMJ in a school bus, public transportation, or in a private vehicle while in operation
• Patients are not allowed to consume MMJ on school grounds, correctional facilities, public parks, beaches, recreation centers, or other places where smoking is prohibited
• If a patient or caregiver encounters law enforcement while in possession of MMJ or paraphernalia, they should be compliant and honest at all times

New Jersey Department of Health

The New Jersey Department of Health is dedicated to ensuring proper implementation of the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act. Please visit the website to learn more about the rules and restrictions of the program. MMP Customer Service Unit is also available at (609) 292-0424 to answer any questions.